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Singer, songwriter & guitarist.

Ramithawi is a multicultural artist, brought up in Venezuela by Syrian parents. Being raised in various countries, Rami's surroundings and life experiences have shaped his way of expression from a young age, creating a very unique world of imagination. 

Drama, cartoons & rock music are the secret ingredients of Rami's world. Singing in different styles and languages as a way to express the universal language, he quotes: "Sometimes, when we stop trying to understand, we understand."



Percussionist & backing vocals

Jani Lehtioksa is a percussionist specializing in traditional Cuban music and drums. He lives for rumba and Son Cubano, bringing the Afro-Latin bomba into band's music. In the Ramithawi Trio he uses tumbadóras and bongó with the combination of shakers and cajón, adding that juicy beat to the sound.


Jani joined the band in 2019. After this, his personality has given shape to a Latin cartel mob character that has futher inspired Ramithawi's new pieces, such as El Baile del Mamón that tells a story of a villain who 
conquers the world with his hypnotizing music.




This drummer has gained his experience playing everywhere between here and there. Lari got bit by a neo soul bug back in the day, which caused a massive switch in his musical direction that used to lie on metalcore and progressive metal. A few years ago he started producing his own electronic music and is in a phase of integrating everything he's taught himself into his playing.


Lari's goal is to make live music indistinguishable from electronic music, and vice versa. He blasts every live performance with groovy drumming, giving improvisation of the show giving the audience more energy than they had before arriving at the venue.



Bassist & backing vocals

Born and raised in Helsinki, bassist Ukko Kairamo is the warden of the low-end. Lengthy music education and hunger to explore different genres and sounds has brought him to where he is now, performing with Ramithawi.


As one of the first members of the group, Ukko serves as the right hand in Ramithawi. He posses a great variety of talents from playing guitar, banjo, bass and double bass to an amazing stage charisma and writing and producing. Ukko is here to serve music.



Keyboards & Synths

A musician originally from Vaasa, Tiitus proudly represents the west coast of Finland in the Ramithawi quinteto. Tiitus gets the most kicks from figuring out just what makes music work and finding ways to express the whole spectrum of feelings one might have with the means of art.


Tiitus takes band's sound to a whole new level. With his crazy techniques and production skills, he makes the music filled with taste and pleasant to the ear. He's also the guy to master the mixing of the band's recordings. 



Arabic Dancer

Originally from Russia, Larisa Shpakova is our beautiful Arabic dancer. She discovered oriental dancing since her childhood and inmedietly fall in love with it.  Watching Bollywood Indian films, old documentaries about  the middle east gave her a dream to become a dancer. She mentions that Aladdin is one of her favorite movies and that is why she is a perfect fit for Ramithawi´s world. 

Now Larisa is professional Oriental Egyptian dancer specializing in folklore dance. 

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